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It’s all about the shape, look and feel of perfection!

X Wax

Great for beginners! We take your bikini line a ‘step further’ than your regular bikini wax. This wax involves clippering to reduce the pubic ‘mound’, and also includes half bottom.

XX Wax

The G-String Wax! We clipper and shape the pubic line, waxing around the labia Into the bottom.


Your classic Brazilian Wax! This is Silk's Signature Wax. Your pubic hair will be clippered (Short or Natural) and shaped on top. All Hair from the labia and into the bottom is entirely removed. Our staff can recommend shapes, sizes and styles available.


Absolutely all off! The front will be waxed off, including labia and bottom. It doesn’t get silkier than this! Perfect for bikinis and lingerie.

Please Note For health and hygiene purposes, new clients are required to purchase their own clipper attachment. Please remember to bring it with you for your next brazilian wax.

Based in the exclusive Chapel Street in Prahran, Silk Brazilian Waxing attracts most of its’ clientele from Prahran, South Yarra, Toorak, St Kilda, Brighton, Elwood, Caulfield, Windsor, Camberwell and the CBD.

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